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TYLER GREGORY OKONMA (a.k.a. Tyler, The Creator)

Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator has certainly never been one to steer from controversy, instead tending to drive headlong into it. The same can be said of some of the rapper's recent tweets about will.i.am.

In typical Tyler Twitter style (see: caps lock), he took the producer/rapper/Black Eyed Pea to task, bringing up a bet the two made, possibly at the same recent event where he met Dave Chappelle

"I MADE A BET WITH WILL I AM FOR A MILLION BUCKS THAT I WILL BE MAKING MONEY 10 YEARS FROM NOW DOING WHAT I LOVE AND NOT WHAT MAKES THE MOST," he tweeted this morning (Oct. 29), following with an onslaught of posts -- 10 in all -- referencing his meeting with will.i.am. He apparently attempted to dispense some of his own wisdom to Tyler, telling him that "you make a decision on what to do to survive" in order to remain relevant 10 (or more) years down the road.

In turn, the rapper claimed that, with will.i.am's recent material, he was "making butt shit to make bread" and that "he makes shit he hates" -- although he conceded that the Black Eyed Peas' debut album was the first rap album he enjoyed, noting it had "sick beats."

Earlier today, Tyler also premiered a new music video he directed through NPR -- for a song called "Glowing," though the musician behind it is currently anonymous.

He also later tweeted promoting Camp Flog Gnaw, the festival he and Frank Ocean are headlining next month, adding that will.i.am. was "not invited at all."

Some of the tweets in question are posted below.