Fat Tony, 'Smart Ass Black Boy': Video Premiere

Fat Tony

Fat Tony takes us to his hometown of Texas for the video to his latest single, "Smart Ass Black Boy."

The José Gorbea-directed video for the Houston rapper's album title track features him roaming the ranch of Houston Congressman, Maurice Duhon.

"I recently had a little day-cation at my buddy Congressman Maurice Duhon's ranch with a couple friends and enjoyed the great outdoors. [I] explored all that the land had to offer, played with guns, and bonded with some of God's creatures beneath the heat 'til the cows went home," Fat Tony tells The Juice. "[I] splurged on Dairy Queen and Boone's Farm while digging deep into my Texan roots. Very splendid."

Fat Tony, who has been hustling since 2008, released his second official full-length, "Smart Ass Black Boy," this summer.

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