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Vali, 'Paper Charade': Exclusive Album Stream

Rostrum Records

A year after the release of her first EP, "Kiss the Sky," Vali delivers "Paper Charade."

The seven-song effort features the singer-songwriter singing of the highs and lows of love and fame. "Paper Charade" also features a guest appearance by her Rostrum Records labelmate, Wiz Khalifa, and production by The STRZ, The Bird Call Productions'  Ruwanga Samath, DJ Flict, Will Simms and RT Production.

Below, listen to an exclusive stream of "Paper Charade," a day before its release (Oct. 15):

"Looking for love and looking for paradise are just a pair of dice, but remember that you always pay for the games that you play. Gamble with the paper and gamble with their hearts. 'Paper Charade,'" a little girl says, on the project's eerie "Intro" track.

Vali plans to embark on tour to offer fans a live taste of "Paper Charade." Look out for details.