Pusha T Talks Solo Debut, Working with Kanye West in Video Q&A

Pusha T photographed in New York City

Kate Glicksberg

"Hip-hop is like smooth jazz to me and I'm here to change that"

On the morning his October 8 debut solo album "My Name Is My Name" hit shelves, the grittiest of all street rappers, Pusha T, sat down for an interview with Billboard. "Content is king today," he says, already on his second Q&A of the day.

Promoting his set hasn't been easy. Dealing with numerous release date postponements, Pusha has been working hard, sometimes shooting two videos per day or doing three or four interviews a day. Finally, he's emerged with unquestionably one of the year's finest hip-hop albums.

In the interview, Pusha discusses how Kanye West factors into his creative process, and how he sometimes has to put his ego aside and heed the advice of his GOOD Music boss.

"My Ouija board don't ever lie to me, the best rapper livin', I know who's alive to me," Pusha raps in his Chris Brown collaboration "Sweet Serenade." "The competition's all but died to me." It's been speculated that he's referencing his beef with Lil Wayne here, and although he wouldn't go into specifics, the point remains clear. "I don't think anyone makes street-driven hip-hop like me," Pusha says matter of factly. "Hip-hop is like smooth jazz to me and I'm here to change that."