Common Disses Drake on 'Stay Schemin'' Remix: Listen

COMMON VS. DRAKE: This hip-hop beef chronicles a classic clash between the old and the new: responding to Common's "soft rapper" insults on "Sweet," Drake challenged Common during a concert and claimed the elder statesman was just trying to sell records. Not helping matters were the rumors that the beef was actually about the rappers' affections toward Serena Williams. WINNER: Drake. Common was right to put this crossfire to an end; after all, he's never been the "hardest" rapper himself. And with Drizzy's current superstardom, why take shots at one of hip-hop's most charismatic figures?
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'Soft n---a, make no mistake, I'm talking to Drake,' Common raps

Weeks after Common started a feud with Drake with some vaguely antagonistic lyrics on "Sweet," a track off his album "The Dreamer/The Believer," Common attacks the Canadian superstar head-on in a new remix to "Stay Schemin'," a Rick Ross track that features Drake.

On "Stay Schemin'," a track off the Ross mixtape "Rich Forever" released last Friday (Jan. 7), Drake alludes to Common's recent verbal attacks with the words, "Don't be ducking like you never wanted nothin'/It's feeling like rap changed, it was a time it was rugged/Back when if a n---a reached, it was for the weapon/Nowadays n---as reach just to sell their record." Common then fired back with an explicit diss of Drake on his own remix of "Stay Schemin," which was released on Monday (Jan. 9).

"My motto is Chicago bitch/ Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is/ Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged it/ Son of a bitch, imagine what your father is," Common raps on the remix. Later, Common rhymes, "I'm taking too long with this amateur guy/You ain't wet nobody, n---a, you Canada dry," and then he eventually calls the rapper out by name: "Soft n---a, make no mistake, I'm talking to Drake. It's the remix. Rick Ross, Common, and that hoe ass n---a."

Who's 'Softer,' Drake or Common? The Juice's Lyrics Breakdown

The war of words began with Common's track "Sweet," in which he declares, "Y'all n---as man, you soft motherfuckas... Singing all around me man, 'la la la!' You ain't motherfuckin' Frank Sinatra. Uh. Lil' bitch." Drake then told the crowd at a California performance, "I don't give a fuck if you got something to say to me. Say it to my motherfuckin' face, n---a. Just cause I sing I'm not no bitch. So if you got something to say, I'm right here."

Which rapper has the upper hand here?

(Additional reporting by Jason Lipshutz)