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Swizz Beatz's Resume: The History of a Multi-Tasker

Swizz Beatz's Resume: The History of a Multi-Tasker

In today's fluid economy it's not uncommon to have a second job. A third, fourth, or fifth job though, is something special. And when you're super-producer Swizz Beatz and you have a baker's dozen jobs at once, it's frankly less about saving for a rainy day than saving for a hint of a drizzle.

So what is it of Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean that not only can make it rain, but also buy the clouds? It was revealed yesterday (Wed. Jan 18) that Swizz is the CEO of the file-sharing website, Megaupload, which has been under fire from Universal Music Group. And while the news was more about the mega-star's affiliation with a site at times used for moving pirated audio and video, it shouldn't be lost that this is one more job that Swizz has picked from the market.

Kanye West, Diddy, Will.I.Am, More Participate in Video Endorsing MegaUpload Storage Site

As proof, we at happen to have a copy of Kasseem Dean's resume on hand. (Really, but not really.) Tomorrow, after all, is another day, which may mean a chance for Swizz to tuck in another gig.