Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Prepping Album

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Prepping Album

Imagine you're Kim Dotcom -- the co-founder of the succesful but recently seized online file sharing site, Megaupload. Imagine you were recently charged with criminal copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit and remanded in custody, as Kim Dotcom has been. What would your next move be? Dropping an album, of course!

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MTV Hive reports that Dotcom is preparing to release a full-length studio album. Dotcom is getting the support from Beets & Produce, the production team behind the "Megaupload Mega Song," which featured cameos from Kanye West, Alicia Keys, and more. In an e-mail to MTV Hive, Joseph "Papo" Besson, the Beets & Produce VP of operations, said, "...I work with the owner of Megaupload to release his upcoming album ... I'm coordinating that release."

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"It is a phenomenal project," Besson continued. "Printz Board is producing this project with Kim. I am coordinating the logistics of the release, as well as consulting on the artwork. Printz Board is executing the vision that Kim has for this project to the letter. Kim is also pushing the limits with this project. He has some huge surprises for everyone. The mix of a musical genius in Printz and an actual genius in Kim Dotcom will be history in the making, I'm sure of it.'

Amidst the myriad celebrity cameos in the "Megaupload Mega Song" clip, you can check out Dotcom laying down some vocals close to 2 minutes in.