Andre 3000 Shares Kale Recipe

Andre 3000 in No Rush to Record a New Album

Andre 3000 is a man of many talents -- rapper, fashion designer and actor, among others -- so it's no surprise he has a few kitchen tricks up his sleeves.

The OutKast MC offered a kale recipe to Bon Appetit, including an explanation of why he'd turned to the vegetable:

"Being that I'm from the South, I've eaten collards, mustard and turnip greens all my life," he scribbled on a napkin for the magazine. "I was introduced to kale a few years ago and fell in love with the way you can instantly stir fry or pan fry it."

Billboard can confirm: kale is delicious. And good for you, as Three Stacks explains:

"Kale is also nutritious, and by not boiling it to death like classic Southern greens, most of that nutrition stays intact," he wrote.

For the recipe, visit Bon Appetit.