Troy NoKA Debuts 'Right Now' Video, Feat.T Coles: Watch

Troy NoKA Debuts 'Right Now' Video, Feat.T Coles: Watch

His name may seem unfamiliar to you now, but it won't for long. Producer/singer/songwriter Troy NoKA (alias 'Antonine "T-Wiz" Collins') has worked with the likes of Ciara, Chris Brown, and is credited for producing three tracks off Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia, Ultra" ("Dust," "There Will Be Tears," and "Love Crimes"). Today (Jan. 24), NoKA released the video for his single, "Right Now," off his upcoming studio album, "Free Dreamin.'"

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NoKA's five minute black and white video samples a beautiful short from filmmaker Arev Manoukian's "Nuit Blanche," and ends with a simple "fin." The track itself, which samples a portion of the chorus of Kings of Leon's "Sex On Fire" and features T Coles, plays with orchestral pianos, smooth 8o8s, and screeching electric guitars before reaching it's coda with a beautiful violin crescendo fading into silence.

"My friend knows I love classic movies and French culture, so he sent me that video," NoKA told Rap-Up, "I happened to be working on the music at the same time and it just synced up perfectly visually and conceptually."

"The guy in the video is dreaming--he wanted to be with the woman, right then, right now, no matter what," NoKA said.