Busta Rhymes Unleashes Over-The-Top 'Why Stop Now' Video
Busta Rhymes Unleashes Over-The-Top 'Why Stop Now' Video

Busta Rhymes is back. The veteran MC and newly signed Cash Money rapper has unveiled an over-the-top new video for "Why Stop Now," featuring Chris Brown and directed by Hype Williams.

With his return, Busta ain't playin': the clip begins with a cloud of smoke rising behind an insightful Socrates quote. Reminiscent of Wu-Tang's "Triumph" video, "Why Stop Now" finds Rhymes amidst a city-wide insect infestation, with Busta animorphing into a locust himself (although he doesn't get full swarm status like Wu members). However, unlike Wu-Tang's colorful metropolis, Busta's dark city looks straight out of a Christopher Nolan flick.

Breezy's at his intense best, contorting his body furiously as he triumphantly yells out "We can do anything/ Walk into anywhere and buy anything" in a dark, shadowy hallway. Rhymes also watches the throne between two gold lions as Brown presents him a crown, and later takes a trip on an Epcot-worthy futuristic bullet train. As the plague progresses, Busta appears in front of a protest, an apparent tribute to the Occupy movements, before defending the crowd from an excessively violent police force by turning his body into a living diamond cluster (no, really).

The collaboration follows Rhymes' guest verse resurrection on Brown's 2011 hit, "Look at Me Now." Speaking to Billboard.com in December, Brian "Birdman" Williams revealed that Busta has been hard at work on his Cash Money debut "E.L.E. 2: End of the World" since November. "E.L.E. 2" is expected to drop in the first quarter this year.

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