MeLo-X Video Premiere: 'Fire Geomu'
MeLo-X Video Premiere: 'Fire Geomu'

DJ/producer/emcee debuts visuals same day as his full-length instrumental, 'Fewture.'

More than one year since the release of his digital EP, "More Merch," (Dec. 2010) -- and more than two years since his noteable remix to Maxwell's "BLACKsummer'snight" (July 2009) -- MeLo-X delivers his first full-length instrumental release, " Fewture."

Inspired by his international travels, the DJ/producer/emcee/engineer/photographer infuses musical elements from all genres, staying true to his sonic fearlessness and opposition to creative limitations. The heavily rhythmic 14-track project, including piano solos, is laced with hard bass lines and soothing synths.

In celebration of today's release of "Fewture" (Jan. 31), we're exclusively premiering the video for the album's first single, "Fire Geomu." The Jazz influenced "Fire Geomu" -- shot and produced by TONE and Vinny Picone, directed and edited solely by TONE -- sets the stage for MeLo-X's album. Check it out below.

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