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Elephant Man Arrested For Suspicion of Rape: Report

Dancehall artist Elephant Man is a ray of blinged-out sunshine at the 2004 VMAs.

Elephant Man was reportedly arrested on Monday (Jan. 30) for suspicion of rape. According to TMZ, Elephant Man, born O'Neil Bryan, was arrested in Jamaica after the alleged victim filed a report and a police investigation occured.

TMZ continued to say that "one Jamaican media outlet" reported that the rapper was charged with "grievous sexual assault and rape" after interrogated and enough information on the matter was gathered.

The Kingston, Jamaica native has been successful on the charts. Elephant Man has had two No. 1 albums ("Good 2 Go") (2003) and "Let's Get Physical" (2008)) chart on the Reggae Albums chart. He's also held two slots in the top 20 of the Rap Songs chart with "Pon De River, Pon De Bank") (2003) and "Jook Gal (Wine Wine)" (2004).