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Earl Sweatshirt Returns, Drops New Song 'Home': Listen

Earl Sweatshirt Returns, Drops New Song 'Home': Listen

After over a year of "Free Earl" chants and exhaustive speculations and investigative reports -- via Facebook stalking and family commentary -- OFWGKTA's Earl Sweatshirt has returned. Not only is he back, but he released a new song "Home" for the occasion.

And, no, Tyler isn't trolling you. Last night, the Odd Future capo tweeted, "Oh. Thebe Has....I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earxsweat." Over on Earl's new account was a link to a YouTube clip with a snippet of a new song, "Home," with Earl saying, "If you want the whole thing, get me 50,000 [Twitter followers] by today!" Then, hilariously: "And if you don't want the whole thing? Then it's... then it's not that big of a deal."

Three hours and 50,000 followers later, Earl posted a link to his new site, Terttlefer.com, where fans could stream "Home." To sweeten the deal, Earl's flow is as good as ever. The rapper wastes not one bar in the close to 2 minute song, dropping a steady stream of oblong syllables. "Switching up the monicre of artist into arsonist," Earl rhymes.

Rumors of Earl's return heightened after the announcement of Odd Future's upcoming project, "Odd Future Tape Vol. 2" (Feb. 20). Unfortunately, Tyler yesterday stated, via tweet, that Earl won't be on it.

Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt Free at Last?

Earl has been absent for the majority of Odd Future's rapid ascent. As the rap collective was gaining momentum Earl dissappeared, ostensibly attending a boys' school in Samoa. Now that Earl is "back," he can continue on the stride evident on his 2010 eponymous viral.