Chris Brown Fires Back at Critics on Twitter

Chris Brown freaked out after winning Best R&B Album for his fourth full-length, "F.A.M.E." Breezy later performed with David Guetta and Lil Wayne and performing solo at the Grammys

After Twitter exploded with negativity over Chris Brown's performance on Sunday's Grammy Awards (Feb. 12), the singer answered back in a series of angry and profane messages.

"HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That's the ultimate F--K OFF!" Brown declared in one post, which has since been deleted but saved for posterity in a screengrab on the website Mashable.

Brown also dropped the F-bomb in various tweet-responses to critics which have also been conveniently scrubbed from his account.

Though the star is known for his bad temper, an anonymous source told Radar Online that "someone does his postings on Twitter and when he saw that he ordered it taken down immediately." There's no official word yet on the validity of the statement.

He performed the dance track "Beautiful People" from his Billboard 200 No. 1, "F.A.M.E," which scored the Grammy for Best R&B Album. It was his first time onstage at the music industry's biggest event since his 2009 felony assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Timeline: 2009 Grammys To Now

Despite his musical comeback, Brown remains a source of controversy stemming from the Rihanna incident, polarizing fans and infuriating critics who took issue with the singer performing in the same Grammys venue as the "We Found Love" star, who sang a duet with Coldplay.

Not surprisingly, given his scandal-plagued image, Brown generated a record number of tweets during his return to the Grammys stage. He drew 453,000 social media comments over a 5-minute span, according to Bluefin Labs' numbers. Adele, who swept the awards, spurred the most commentary, however, with 489,000 when she won album of the year near the end of the telecast.

Additional Reporting by Lauren Savage.