Tyler, The Creator is a Centaur in Odd Future's 'Rella' Video

Tyler, The Creator is a Centaur in Odd Future's 'Rella' Video

Odd Future has dropped the official video for "Rella," directed by OFWGKTA member Tyler, the Creator under the alias Wolf Haley, on Tuesday (Feb. 21). "Rella," which features verses by Tyler, Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis, is off of the group's upcoming LP "OF Tape Vol. 2," out Mar. 20 on Odd Future Records.

The video begins with Hodgy Beats sitting in a recliner, watching what appears to be an obese stripper twerking so violently as to shake the entire scene. Beats leaves the room by running through a brick wall and jumping on the bed of a moving pick-up truck, phallically gesturing at girls, turning two into cats and spraying dark mud on three others.

The misogyny continues with Domo Genesis slapping a woman in the face, transforming her into another woman. There are a few cut-away sequences including but not limited to: a couple of furries making out on the porch of a suburban home; Tyler, the creator dressed as a centaur, snorting copious amounts of white powder; and a close-up crotch shot of a male nude (sans genitals).

Odd Future Gets Adult Swim Television Show

In other OFWGKTA news, the group's Adult Swim television program -- entitled "Loiter Squad" -- will debut on Mar. 25.