Four-Play: Rick Ross, French Montana, SWV, Lil Jon

WORST: Rick Ross | The rapper defied the protocol of the red carpet in this too-casual sweater look. Perhaps he just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first world's most outrageous sweater he could find?

SWV co-signs, French Montana showcases his Bad Boy swag, Rick Ross mounts luxurious whips (surprise, surprise), and Lil Jon and LMFAO turn a nursing home into a club. Check out four virals that deserve extra playtime and our 'late pass' bonus, Cassie's "King of Hearts."

SWV's Coko, Taj, and Lelee bring their comeback single "Co-sign" to the screen in true 90s R&B fashion. In all white ensembles, the trio give us a glimpse into their new grown and sexy lifestyles.

The newly signed Bad Boy rapper shows love to his new family with appearances by Diddy, Rick Ross, Charlie Rock, and a Cassie.

The Bawse surrounds himself with voluptuous femmes and luxurious whips in the black and white video for "High Definition." Look out for Mike Tyson and Pharrell cameos and previews of Rozay's upcoming projects.

In a hilarious twist of what it means to party, Lil Jon and LMFAO boldly offer a fun time to residents of a nursing home in "Drink." Let's just say, we were surprised as to how an 80 yr old can be so flexable.

'Late Pass' Bonus: Cassie's timely "King of Hearts" features the Bad Boy mademoiselle dancing on tables and a cat walk through a lavishly decorated lair of sorts.