Shots Fired After Tyga Concert in Omaha

Shots Fired After Tyga Concert in Omaha

Police in Omaha, Neb., are investigating a shooting that followed a rowdy concert by rapper Tyga.

Authorities say heated words were exchanged between members of Tyga's act and some audience members Monday night at Sokol Auditorium, south of downtown. Some garbage was thrown up on the stage, leading Tyga to confront the audience. "Who threw this shit? Who threw it? You threw it?… alright, see my outside."

After a moment, he continued, "For real, you can meet me outside. I'm gonna do this one more motherf---ing song for my fans and them I'm gonna go outside you bitch-ass ni--a."

Later a brief fistfight broke out as people left the building after the show. Police say shots were fired from a car as band members boarded their tour bus. More shots were fired from the car as it followed the bus and its trailer for a few blocks.

Police say two people on the bus suffered minor wounds. No arrests have been reported.