Mary J. Blige: 'Unfinished' Burger King Ad Wasn't Cleared

Mary J. Blige: Burger King Ad Was A 'Mistake'

A controversial Burger King commercial didn't turn out the way Mary J. Blige was expecting.

"I agreed to be a part of a fun and creative campaign that was supposed to feature a dream sequence," the R&B diva told TMZ on Wednesday. "Unfortunately, that's not what was happening in that clip. I understand my fans being upset by what they saw. But, if you're a Mary fan, you have to know I would never allow an unfinished spot like the one you saw go out."

The video was pulled after going viral on Monday, with music licensing issues -- not online criticism -- cited as the reason. For its part, Burger King apologized to the singer and stated that a final version would return to the airwaves soon.

Blige is one of a number of celebrities tapped for the fast-food chain's new menu campaign, along with David Beckham, Salma Hayek and Jay Leno. Rival restaurant Wendy's recently overtook Burger King as the No. 2 hamburger chain, as measured by sales.