2016: The Year in Charts

Nicki Minaj Lights Up Times Square

Nicki Minaj Lights Up Times Square

Nicki Minaj punched out her "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" work week with a surprise three-song mélange on Friday (April 7) in Times Square. The event, kept hush till the last minute, was hosted by Nokia in support of the launch of its new Lumia 900 smartphone.

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Nicki bounced about in an illuminated rubiks cube type stage, dolled in a 'Baywatch' blonde wig, white long-sleeve button down, black lace bodysuit, tiger-striped leggings, and that signature pink pout of hers.

Through out her 15-minute set, Minaj switched from the rapping fist-pumper to an adlibbing hypewoman -- few singing in between. But it turns out her vocal chords weren't needed much as thousands of wigged out Barbz and middle class tourists belt out all the lyrics to "Starships," "Right By My Side" and Nicki's cross-over blessing, "Super Bass."

While LED magic turned surrounding buildings into lava lamps, many a time Nicki paused front and center, her usually animated face, awestruck. "Why are you guys so epic tonight?" Nicki asked, triggered by humble disbelief.

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Before tootling off stage, Nicki opened up the floor to DJ Doorly who premiered an exclusive "Starships" remix, announcing that a music video would be shot live featuring the carpet of fans.

Nicki, who's omnipresence seems to blossom by the week, is expected to see her polarizing sophomore album earn the top spot on the Bilboard 200 chart.