B.o.B, O.A.R. Collaborate on Olympics Song, 'Champions'

B.o.B, O.A.R. Collaborate on Olympics Song, 'Champions'

B.o.B. and rock group, O.A.R., have teamed up on collaborative song and video, "Champions," in support of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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"I think the song is very synonymous with challenges that many people face in life even beyond the field, beyond the court and beyond the sports," B.o.B. told Yahoo! Music Canada. "It's the same place you have to dig from and challenge from when you're an athlete or at an Olympian level."

The highly anthemic track, released for Duracell's "Rely On Cooper to Go For the Gold" initiative, marries the world of hip-hop and rock and carries an empowering chorus, "It's not much longer 'til we make it now/ We're all champions."

O.A.R. had been working on "Champions" for a year before Duracell contacted them to write a song for the Olympics. Realizing the songs message was a perfect fit for the games, O.A.R. revisited the track. Lead singer, Marc Roberge, requested B.o.B to deliver the right feel for the song. "It just seemed so perfect for the message, the brand and the Olympics," the singer said. "This is an artist that is not just a rapper, he's done it all."

The "Rely On Cooper" project allows users to send inspirational texts, pictures, and videos via Facebook and Twitter to their favorite Olympic athletes competing overseas. A free download of "Champions" is available on Duracell's Facebook page.