Kitty Pryde Makes Her Live Debut in NYC

Kitty Pryde Makes Her Live Debut in NYC

Kitty Pryde's NYC debut, on Friday (June 15), was a family affair. Not quite The Partridge Family, but the Daytona Beach native was chaperoned up north by her parents who watched their 19-year-old daughter from the audience. Her little brother -- who audience members loudly compared to Skrillex -- and "BFF Annie" acted as backup singers. The pint-sized redhead rapper, whose web persona has earned her this arguably premature concert, donned a strapless dress with a giant bow on the front that she nervously tugged at, remarking, "My boobs are gonna fall out. Y'all gonna take pictures and put them on your blog." On the contrary, everything stayed intact and the writers in the room, who seemed to outnumber the fans, watched Pryde giggle her way through her very first stage show.

Pryde kicked off the show with "JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!" -- even though Pryde's earlier tweeted plea to get fellow musician Justin Bieber out to Brooklyn's Knitting Factory went unanswered. Pryde soldiered on, shyly smiling through "Ay Shawty: THE SHREKONING," a stand-out on her new EP "haha i'm sorry." She slowly endeared the crowd by lacing her performance with storytelling. Pryde's next song "Charnsuka," which samples the same-named MF Doom track, was accompanied by a story about a boy who wouldn't talk to her until he hear she was getting a lot of attention, at which point he messaged her and asked her to shout out his band on her Facebook. "Now he's getting married," she added.

Pryde continued along her short set with "Orion's Belt," a track featuring fellow viral video sensation Riff Raff. "He's probably busy doing something cooler. Just kidding. He's probably checking his email," said Pryde. She then quickly cycled through "Time is the donut of the heart!!!", "Accordian" and "Thanks Kathryn Obvious" -- which included improvised shout-outs to Kreayshawn and New York Times writer Jon Caramanica, who was in the crowd.

Mid-through the show, the audience seemed underwhelmed by Pryde and Pryde by them causing her to taunt: "Everyone's staring at me like I'm retarded. Can you guys get hyper?" Supportive cheers resounded and she grinned, going into "Smiledog.jpg" and sailing through loveable rhymable lines as, "I'm the kit and kaboodle and now I'm all over Google/ And I am very Youtubeable."

By the end of the night, Pryde's shy slouching had turned into something much more confident. Pryde left the two songs that sparked her stardom to the very end of her set, "Okay Cupid" and "Gives Me Scabies." She rattled off "OK Cupid's" rambling rhymes about Bud Light Limes and drunk dials. The crowd's recognition of Pryde's play on Carly Rae Jepsen's Hot 100 No. 1, "Call Me Maybe," prompted all three on-stage performers to gleefully hop around the stage. What would 26-year old Carly Rae make of Kitty chopping, screwing and perverting her No. 1 hit? If light-hearted, she'll fully appreciate Pryde's appropriation and celebration of the pop earworm. She might even like the rest of "haha i'm sorry." The five tracks are surprisingly sharp, with stand out production by Beautiful Lou and lyrics that seem to perfectly encapsulate teenhood.

And though skeptic of the audience's take on her show -- "My name's Kitty and this is my first show where I didn't know anyone. If I did bad I'm sorry" -- she doesn't need to apologize for unlike Jepsen, she's fresh on the scene and has time to incubate.