Lil Twist Talks 'Don't Get It Twisted' Collabos, Movie Scripts, & Touring

Lil Twist Talks 'Don't Get It Twisted' Collabos, Movie Scripts, & Touring

'I got a few scripts on the table, one being a voice-over script. But, 'Don't Get It Twisted' is my main priority," the YMCMB rapper says.

Lil Twist may have yet to deliver his debut studio album, "Don't Get it Twisted," but his name has been all over the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. His single, "Love Affair," featuring Lil Wayne, peaked at No. 90 in April 2011, while "Turn't Up," featuring Busta Rhymes, and the Weezy-assisted, "The Leak," peaked at No. 87 and 88, respectively.

However, these are only small feats for Twist (born Christopher Moore) who plans on delivering a "masterpiece" as his first full-length opus. Promising that day isn't far, the YMCMB artist is currently making the most out of touring with Jacob Latimore and Mindless Behavior on the "#1 Girl Tour." He's taking on a few charity opportunities while on the road.

While stopping through NYC for the "#1 Girl Tour" on Saturday (July 14), Lil Twist chatted with the Juice about touring with Mindless Behavior, oft-delayed "Don't Get It Twsited" album, and his upcoming single with Drake.

The last time we talked you were on the 'Careless World Tour' with Tyga. How has it been touring with Mindless Behavior this time around?
It just started. But, for the very few shows we've had, it's been amazing! The fans have definitely been coming out. We've had sold out shows. Tonight we have two sold out shows here at the Beacon. We have two sold out shows in one night. It's just been great! I'm having fun with the boys. They're dope.

You've been doing some charity while on the "#1 Girl Tour," such as today, when you met with two girls from the non-profit charity, Garden of Dreams.
It's always touching. I told my publicist, Sarah [Cunningham], and my attorney that I wanted to do something dealing with charity once I got to New York. Once I got here, Sarah had set up to meet up with two girls from Garden of Dreams who are big fans of mine. I had them come and enjoy the show.

Why is charity important to you?
It's always good to give back and show love to people who really care, the less fortunate, and those who aren't able to do as much as others can. I love to show them that they can and make things like this happen. It always feels good to me.

As far as music, fans are still waiting for "Don't Get it Twisted." Where the status on your debut EP?
"Don't Get it Twisted" is a masterpiece. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I've been through records. I've scratched older records, added records, and put more features on there. The whole thing is that when I come out with my first work of art, "Don't Get it Twisted," I don't want it to be talked about for the wrong reasons. I want it to be in the talks for, "Damn this kid just killed it." I want to make sure that piece of work is A+ [and] 100%. [Then] everybody will have it.

Has anything changed, as far as the track listing goes or with collaborations?
I have a record on there that my fans heard a snippet of on UStream and loved it. I'm actually in the process of putting my brother Drake on it. Drake [will be] on that record. Justin [Bieber] is on the album. Lil Wayne, Tyga, Birdman, and Chris Brown are [all] on the album. There are a lot of people.

What is the name on the song that's set to feature Drake?
"Yes You Are."

We can we expect the album?
Shortly after this tour, for sure.

Lil Wayne is definitely someone you look up to as a mentor and a big brother. Late last month, he hit his 100th single on Billboard . How does it feel to witness him at the level of success he is on now?
Truthfully, sometimes it's kind of mind blowing because I've gotten to a place in life where me and my brother are understanding of each other. Sometimes I don't even look at him like Lil Wayne. Those things are shocking to hear but not [shocking] at the same time. I was a big Lil Wayne fan before this and then I knew what he was capable of. But now that we've gained the amount of love that we have, when stuff like that comes up, I'm expecting it.

Aside from touring, what can fans expect from you in the near future?
I got a few scripts on the table, one being a voice-over script. But, "Don't Get It Twisted" is my main priority.