Frank Ocean Wows at 'channel ORANGE' NYC Show

Frank Ocean Wows at 'channel ORANGE' NYC Show

Frank Ocean
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"There's some shit that I said in the past couple weeks. Some made a big deal about it, some didn't. But it's my life, you know?" Frank Ocean said before a packed crowd at New York's Terminal 5 on Thursday night (July 26). "I felt like I had to say it, so I did," he continued.

But these words, regarding the revelation of the R&B star's first love being a man, shared on his Tumblr on July 4 -- wasn't the most memorable moment of last night's show. That was what came right after it.

After sharing, Frank transitioned to the heart-wrenching ballad, "Bad Religion," in which he tells his story of an "unrequited love." And, for the first time, and only time, during his 18 song-set, did the crowd grow silent.

"I can never make him love me. No, no. Never make him love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Loveā€¦"

Ocean sang as he tightly cupped the mic with both hands and with eyes tightly sealed. "It's a bad religion to be in love with someone who can never love you," Ocean continued.

After he smiled at his fans, who sung along and loudly applauded to "Bad Religion," Terminal 5 turned into a dance floor seconds in to his 9 minute-long single, "Pyramids." Concertgoers, a majority of those on the main floor, let their bodies follow the song's heavy synths.

He performed songs from both his mixtape, "nostalgia, ULTRA," and "channel ORANGE," after he set a raw, emotional mood when he kicked off his set with a cover of Sade's "By Your Side." The mood carried on through out the night, with songs as "Forrest Gump" and "American Wedding," where Frank performed with just the backing of his band's guitarist for most of the song.

Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, who performed at NYC's Best Buy Theatre hours later, showed their friend and band member support from the second tier of the venue. They waved their arms and bopped their heads, noticeably to "Channel Orange" cut "Crack Rock."

Ocean closed with an encore of Beyonce's "I Miss You," which he wrote for the singer's "4" album. He sat behind the piano and let his soft vocals leave a lingering feeling of vulnerability on stage.