Mac Miller Talks Frank Ocean & Pharrell-Assisted 'Pink Slime' Album

Mac Miller Talks Frank Ocean & Pharrell-Assisted 'Pink Slime' Album

'Him coming out and being gay was cool as fuck,' the rapper said of Frank Ocean.

Mac Miller was all smiles, as always, when walking down the 2012 MTV VMAs yesterday (Sept. 6). "This is my first real red carpet experience. It's kind of weird," he joked with Billboard. "There's a lot of celebrities around… I'm not no Zoe Saldana."

When asked who Mac was excited to see perform he replied with two words: "Frank, man." "I've been waiting to see him live and I'm just really excited to hear him sing live," he said of Frank Ocean

Mac continued to salute Frank Ocean for speaking on his sexuality back on July 4. "I think it was the dopest shit anyone's done this year," Mac Miller said. "Him coming out and being gay was cool as fuck. Because it was like alright… No one's done that shit before. That's like risky as hell. And I'm sure there's a lot of people who could, but he made the illest music and then said that and people were like, 'Okay. Whatever. It doesn't matter."

"I am just curious as if he would have came out like that from the start, what would it be like. But I'm glad it happened. I think it was dope. That was legendary," he shared.

As he embarks on 'The Macadelic Tour,' Mac is lacing his "Blue Slide Park" follow-up and his collaborative EP, "Pink Slime," with Pharrell Williams.

"Pharrell is an incredibly talented human being. It's always been a dream of mine to work with him," he said. "He was down to do a project. We've just been working and taking time and making it perfect… He does every beat, he's on a lot of the records. Some of then are just me. He wants me to shine. He wants people to leave this and be like, 'Yo Mac Miller is the shit.'"

As for when you can get your hands on "Pink Slime"? "I'm hoping this Fall. I think it'd be dope. I don't exactly know. I got to go there and do the last chapter with him and put the finishes touches," Mac said.

Additonal reporting by Keith Caulfield