MHz Legacy Video Premiere: 'Gone'

MHz Legacy Video Premiere: 'Gone'

If you haven't heard of Columbus, Ohio rap group MHz, it may be time to jump on the bandwagon. Collaborators for over a decade, MHz brings sampling mastermind RJD2 together with MCs Copywrite, Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage Future.

MHZ LEGACY Because each member has spent the past decade focusing on solo projects -- RJD2 is the biggest achiever with his production credits (Cage, Aceyalone) -- they are only just now releasing a collaborative album.

After a name change following the death of original member Camu Tao, MHz has become MHz Legacy, and will release its self-titled LP under the new moniker on Oct. 30 via Man Bites Dog Records. Watch the first single and video for the Surock-produced "Gone" above.

"We've been 'gone,' as in off the scene," Tage Future said of the track's origins in a statement. "But we've always been crafty writers. Now that we're coming back out, we're showing that our skills are 'gone,' as high level, as in outta here."

In the video for "Gone," premiered exclusively here on The Juice, director R.M.L. follows Copywrite and Tage Future as they trade verses, cruise in segways and go-carts, and indulge in a pretty epic moon bounce. "Rappers are usually trying to look so hard that they would never rock a go-kart in a video," said the video's director. "We took it a step further and threw in the moon bounce too."