Flo Rida Shares 'Wildest Thing' He's Seen On Tour: Watch

Weekly Chart Notes: Brenda Russell Talks Flo Rida's 'I Cry'

While Flo Rida's "Whistle" dominates the Billboard charts -- from the Hot 100 to Rap Songs -- the rapper continues to sell out stadiums from coast to coast.

Although he just wrapped up his U.S. tour, in support of his fourth album, "Wild Ones," Flo Rida is prepping to trek across Europe by the end of the year.

With so much time on the road, it's no surprise that Flo Rida has a fair share of crazy tour stories. But you'll be suprised to know what's the wildest thing he's seen on tour.

"Wildest thing I've probaly seen on tour is a lot of times ... i get on one of my securities' neck, go in the crowd, and I just see the fans copycatting that," Flo Rida told Billboard.com at his Walmart Soundcheck session. "Even little babies, they're holding them up in the air with their shoulders... When I see that its just so amazing because they're enjoying it and I'm enjoying it myself."

Flo Rida recently debuted the video for his newest "Wild Ones" single, "I Cry," on which Flo Rida shares his personal, rags-to-riches story.

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