The Weeknd Reveals 'Trilogy' Tracklist, Debuts 'Wicked Games' Video

The Weeknd Reveals 'Trilogy' Tracklist, Debuts 'Wicked Games' Video

The Weeknd isn't as camera shy as he used to be. In the obscure black and white viral for "Wicked Games," the singer-songwriter croons directly at the lens.

"Wicked Games," originally from his first mixtape "House of Balloons" (2011), has been remastered for the release of "Trilogy."

The three-part project, to debut on Nov. 13 through Universal Republic, will contain material from Weeknd's past three mixtapes ("House of Balloons," Thursday," and "Echoes of Silence") and bonus tracks including "Valerie," "Twenty Eight," and "Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)."

"Trilogy" will also include a music video for "The Zone," featuring Drake. Check out the tracklist for the 30-song project below.

"House of Balloons"

1. High for This
2. What You Need
3. House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls
4. The Morning
5. Wicked Games
6. The Party & The After Party
7. Coming Down
8. Loft Music
9. The Knowing
10. Twenty Eight


1. Lonely Star
2. Life of the Party
3. Thursday
4. The Zone (Feat. Drake)
5. The Birds, Pt. 1
6. The Birds, Pt. 2
7. Gone
8. Rolling Stone
9. Heaven or Las Vegas
10. Valerie

"Echoes of Silence"

1. D.D.
2. Montreal
3. Outside
4. XO / The Host
5. Initiation
6. Same Old Song (Feat. Juicy J)
7. The Fall
8. Next
9. Echoes of Silence
10. Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)