Jay-Z's Barclays Center Documentary, 'Where I'm From': Watch
Jay-Z's Barclays Center Documentary, 'Where I'm From': Watch

On the day of Jay-Z's 43rd birthday, Life + Times premieres a mini-documentary of the making of the Barclays Center and Jay's eight-day concert series.

"Jay is pulling from every album. It's been hectic," Young Guru shares of the rehearsals behind Jay-Z's concert series. "It's the fuckin' craziest thing you ever seen," Jay chimes in on the center's stage.

The video shows commentary and behind-the-scenes footage of Jay-Z, Young Guru and the rest of his band, rehearsing and prepping for the concert series from day one.

Jay-Z Pays Homage to Brooklyn at First Barclays Center Show

From when Jason Kidd told Jay he should be involved with the Nets in 2003 to the eighth show's "Encore," take a look at the road to the creation of the Barclays Center.

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