T.I. In Trouble For Getting Pleasured By Wife Tiny During Jail Visit

Recording artist Clifford Harris a/k/a "T.I" and his Attorney's Steven H. Sadow, Donald F. Sameul, Dwight L. Thomas, Ed Garland and Janice A. Singer address the press after being sentenced at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse on March 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. Harris received a one year and one day prison sentence on federal firearms charges. Following Harris' prison sentence, he will have three years of supervised release, 365 days of home confinement and 1500 hours of community service, with credit for about 305 days of home confinement and 1030 hours of community service completed before sentencing.

Rapper T.I. is in trouble again, but this time for getting pleasured during a jail visit from wife Tiny.

During a visit to Arkansas State Prison last weekend, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle couldn't resist the sight of her imprisoned husband and in the middle of the visiting room, during regular hours, took T.I.'s you-know-what and gave it a rub-down.

Of course, this isn't allowed according to prison guidelines, which state inmates can kiss and hug at the beginning and at the end of a visit, and, at its extent, hold hands with their visitors. But, "the inmate's hands must remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times."

Tiny told TMZ that T.I. was immediately reprimanded and sent to a "Special Housing Unit," which consist of more security and less freedom. She also said she hasn't spoken to T.I. since the incident but hopes to visit again soon.

There are two things I want to say about this. First, I think it's completely adorable that Tiny is still, after so many years, so physically attracted to and turned on by her husband... even if he is in an orange jumpsuit. But, secondly, c'mon son! Can we just get through this prison term without any drama? SMH.