Juicy Bits: Chris Brown Vs. Paparazzi, Swizz Beatz' Car Commercial

Hennessy Teams With Swizz Beatz For 'Black' Cognac Debut

Raz-B recently told Billboard.com that he has no problems with Chris Brown following their Twitter fight from a few days ago. But it seems Chris Brown is still touchy about the topic.

Video: Chris Brown swipes pap's camera

"Chris, what do you have against Raz B, dude?" a paparazzi asked Chris Brown, who responded by swiping the pap's video camera. A few seconds later, when asked again about Raz B, Brown yells, "Man, y'all n*ggas is queenies!" followed by a threat to the videographer from one of Brown's friends who says, "Yo, I'll break your camera."

Looks like the beef isn't quite squashed, Raz. Oh well.

In less-dramatic news, Swizz Beatz makes a cameo in the new Aston Martin "Rapide" car commercial, which he had an artistic hand in designing. Watch the clip below:

Video: Swizz Beatz in Rapide commercial