Foxy Brown Releases Lil Kim Diss Track

Foxy Brown To Release Lil Kim Diss Track

Foxy Brown's delayed Lil Kim diss track, now titled "Massacre," was finally released yesterday (Jan. 13), and in it Foxy invites listeners to "witness the rise and the fall of Miss Kimberly Jones" over Jay-Z's "So Ghetto" instrumental.

Audio: Foxy Brown, "Massacre"

Originally titled "Christmas Massacre," but then renamed after it missed its Dec. 25 release date, the track also finds Foxy rapping "First a bitch wanna hate on Foxy/Ten years later now she hating on Minaj-y... and all the subliminal rap sh*t/I'll put you in a Chinchilla casket."

That's at least parts of what we were able to understand. It was difficult to make out what Fox was saying at points, and we're going to blame that on her hearing problem, which is nothing to poke fun at.

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