Charges Against Rapper Yo Gotti Dropped

Yo Gotti (Memphis, Dec. 13): The rapper (real name: Mario Mims) turned himself into police after being charged with aggravated riot following a November shooting in the parking lot of a Memphis nightclub. Yo Gotti's attorney has said that Mims hopes to be cleared of the charges.

The aggravated riots charges against rapper Yo Gotti, stemming from a fight outside a nightclub in South East Memphis, have been dropped.

Rapper Yo Gotti Charged In Nightclub Brawl

Video: Charges dropped against Yo Gotti

On Wednesday (Jan19), Gotti, born Mario Mims, told Fox 13, "I'm a entertainer, I'm in entertainment. I understand it, I know it's like it's a protocol of going through it, going through the courts and getting to this point where it gets dismissed… we're back to where we were at in the beginning."

Gotti also said he might've been targeted because he is a rapper and that there might be repercussions because he is a celebrity, but he is staying positive. "You can get through it. Stay focused, stay positive... put in hard work," he said.

Good for you, Gotti. Now, stay out of trouble.