Chris Brown Impersonates Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Brown Fans Beef With Songz

Chris Brown says 'deuces' to dark hair and surprises everyone by dying it blond.

On the eve of a Twitter beef between Chris Brown fans and R&B singer Trey Songz, Chris Brown coincidentally found himself breaking into his best Trey Songz -- and R. Kelly -- impersonation on the Russ Parr morning show.

Video: Chris Brown impersonates Trey Songz, R.Kelly

After jokingly being presented with the "Skeet" cologne in attempt to poke fun of the naked photos of Chris Brown that recently leaked on the internet, Breezy and the radio show's co-hosts busted into an impromptu song about the perfume, which found CB imitating buddy Songz' as well as R. Kelly.

Chris Brown Talks About Leaked Naked Photo

Just this morning (March 21), Brown's Team Breezy virally attacked Trey Songz after he posted a tweet they thought was a subliminal shot at Brown. "If I was to have a sextape or even pics "leak" I'd promote it like a album lmaoooooo," Songz tweeted, sparking a barrage of angry tweets from Brown's fans.

But Trey Songz was in fact responding to a tweet from a female tweeter who suggested to him he should leak naked pics or a sex tape of himself as a publicity stunt. He sent a follow-up tweet to clarify the issue.

"And for you weirdos sayin I'm sneak dissin, if I'm dissin any1 Ima do that straight up. So kill that, Back to your regularly scheduled lives," he posted, followed by a direct tweet at Team Breezy. "To teambreezy or whoever else. I bn dwn wit CB since day1 & nothings changed. As long as he knw that truly nothing else matters. Luv."

The last tweet was retweeted by Chris Brown in attempt to prove things are all good between the two.