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B.o.B. Drops 'No Future,' Odd Future Diss Track

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Not everyone is an Odd Future fan. Rapper B.o.B. released a diss track Friday morning (Mar. 25) taking aim at the Los Angeles rap collective, on which the Atlanta rapper seethes, "Keep f**kin' with me you ain't gon have no future."

B.o.B, "No Future"

"No Future" is likely a response to a line in Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator's song "Yonkers," which references "Airplanes," B.o.B.'s hit single with Haley Williams, and his regular collaborator Bruno Mars. "I'll crash that f**kin' airplane that that f****t n***a Bob is in/And stab Bruno Mars in his g****n esophagus/And won't stop until the cops come in," Tyler raps on the track.

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"You see the shit I gotta deal with from these beginners?" B.o.B. asks on the beginning of "No Future." He closes out the track with, "Body blow, upper cut, I do more than bruise ya/Keep fuckin with me you ain't gon have no future."

Tyler, the Creator has already commented on "No Future" via Twitter, writing, "Whoa. I don't even think the 'No Future' song is even a diss. But, I've never heard him spit like that. Took me by surprise, cus it's tight."

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