Four-Play: Juice's Viral Playlist

Four-Play: Juice's Viral Playlist

Keyshia Cole transports us to sandy beaches, Teairra Marí channels her inner genie, Lil B goes "gay," and Da Brat returns with a vengeance. Check out four virals that deserve extra playtime.

1. Keyshia Cole shows her heart in the music video for "Take Me Away," from her fourth album, 'Calling All Hearts.' Cole hits a dance scene on the white sand of Los Angeles.

2. Teairra Marí's teams up with World Star Hip-Hop to premiere the visuals for "Stay," from her mixtape, 'The Night Before X-Mas.' In the Nick Palmer directed clip, Marí seduces in braids and chains.

3. During his Coachella set on Saturday (April 16th), Lil B announced that he will be titling his forthcoming album, "I'm Gay."

"No matter what you do. It doesn't matter. Live life, we only have one life to live, be happy. F*ck the hating, baby," Lil B continued.

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4. Da Brat recruits long time partner-in-crime Jermaine Dupri to remix Chris Brown's "Look At Me Know". Peep the Allen Iverson cameo.