Meet's New Juice Editor, Erika Ramirez
Meet's New Juice Editor, Erika Ramirez

Allow me to re-introduce myself. I, Erika Ramirez (@3rika), was born in San Jose, Calif., to two amazing Mexican parents. I have my older brother, Alex, to thank for introducing me to one of my loves; hip-hop. Playing Tribe Called Quest, Slick Rick, Rakim, Big L and others late into the night. Where does my love for R&B come from? Welp, I've been emo with R&B since I was knee-high and writing love letters with song lyrics embedded within. Ah, to be 10 yrs. old again.

In 2006, I was granted an editorial internship at 'VIBE' Magazine. I flew states away to the city of dreams to make mine come true: write. After two years, I moved back to attend UCLA, only to move back to NY after four months. Since then, I've held an editorial position at 'Honey' Magazine (shout out to Shanel Odum, mentor and close friend) and written for publications and sites as 'New York' Magazine's Vulture,,, 'Paper,' and others.

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Billboard familia and continue to spill the ish on hip-hop and R&B news and gossip. From the latest videos, albums, singles and tracks to photos, events, rumors/gossip and, at times, streams of consciousness, The Juice will be your portal for all things hip-hop and R&B.

Questions? Comments? Let us know: @billboard