Was Tyler, the Creator's Arrest a Publicity Stunt?

Was Tyler, the Creator's Arrest a Publicity Stunt?

On the release day (May 10) of his first studio album, 'Goblin,' Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator was placed in mighty iron bracelets.

Tyler was cuffed when roaming the streets of the left coast -- specifically Fairfax, Westchester and Palisades --hours before his show in West Hollywood. Tyler re-tweeted photos of himself getting cuffed, while his manager, Christian Clancy, asked for confirmation of the incident. "Can someone confirm if Tyler just got arrested at Westchester High pls," he asked?

When Billboard.com's The Juice reached out to both the L.A. county jail and Pacific Community police station, they said they had no arrestee filed under Tyler's legal name, Tyler Okonma.

After his show, Tyler tweeted the reason, or lack of, behind the run-in. "And Fuck Those Cops. Had Us In Cuffs For No Reason, Didn't Do Shit. "Disturbing The Peace, Loitering And Skating Pass A Cop" What The Fuck?" he wrote.

Publicity stunt? If so, genius. Believable, too, since the guys are notorious for run-ins with the cops. A few weeks ago, Frank Ocean of Odd Future tweeted a message about getting out of jail which has since been deleted. "Just got out of jail," Ocean wrote. "Would like to go on record saying..fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop."

Do you think Tyler's arrest was a stunt? Will it acccomplish what most stunts, done by celebs, aim to do... sell records?

Welp whether it is or isn't, it doesn't really matter to Tyler. "It's Funny When People Think Artist Made An Album For Them To Enjoy Or Like Personally," he wrote. "Nooo N*gga. #GOBLIN Was Made For Me To Listen To."