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Shanell on Second Mixtape, Why Lil Wayne Chose Her for Young Money

Shanell on Second Mixtape, Why Lil Wayne Chose Her for Young Money

With her recent debut single "My Buttons," and her eclectic style, Young Money songstress Shanell aka SNL is taking the music scene by storm and letting everyone know that she's "nobody's bitch," ironically the title of her upcoming mixtape.

"My Buttons," which describes a woman that takes sexual pleasure into her own hands, is set to hit the radio May 17. "I was gonna go with a more serious and more heartfelt song for the first single but there was so much personality and so much... it was a different feeling type of a song," Shanell tells's The Juice. "I was kind of nervous about the subject matter and whether or not radio was gonna play it."

Following her mixtape "Shut Up & Listen," Shanell's upcoming mixtape "Nobody's B*tch," marks her transition from proving herself in this industry to becoming a popular artist. "'Nobody's B*tch' is a little bit more like 'I've done been in this business for a little while, let me pop off a little bit,'" she says. "It's more me, the real Shanell. With the musical, artistic side of me but it's more like a shout-out to basically say 'don't fuck with me.'"

With this mixtape, Shanell aims to collaborate with those who are uninhibited when it comes to being themselves artistically and features artists such as Young Money's own, bossman, Lil Wayne and former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'day, and Jeffree Star, "people who do their own thing and aren't scared," she says. "It's kind of like a liberating mixture."

For Shanell, whose style is a fusion of Pop, Rock and R&B, being uninhibited musically in an industry that wants to categorize artists' musical styles into specific genres proved to be a challenge. "I think this industry should allow music to take its course and if it is that the genres are now fusing, then that's what it is," Shanell says. "I don't have to come out being any one particular thing and then gradually change. I think I am what I am and that's been the hardest part for people to try to break me down into pieces and tell me to be one particular thing. I think people put labels on things because they're scared and they just want to define it but it's music."

It is for that reason that she chose to sign with Young Money, which allowed her to be herself. "Wayne's reason for choosing each and every one of us, [in] Young Money, is that we are talented in our own way and we do know how to create our own music and create our own world," she says. "It's the only place that I've seen where you can actually do that. I think what I am for Young Money is that tool to sort of go outside of the norm. That's my challenge and my responsibility is to be able to go outside of what Young Money is comfortable with, bring in a new audience and bring in new people to work with."

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Her mixtape "Nobody's Bitch," is set for a July release to coincide with additional tour dates for Lil Wayne's "I Am Still Music 2" tour on which she performs as well as serves as artistic director. The visuals for "My Button," directed by Colin Tilley, will debut next month, in June.

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