Was Trina Snubbed by the 2011 BET Awards?
Was Trina Snubbed by the 2011 BET Awards?

After the 2011 BET Awards nominations were announced yesterday (May 17), a few artists were not too happy -- most notably, Trina.

Her Twitter reaction -- which was re-tweeted by more than one hundred people -- was to the point: "Fuck BET."

The nominees for the best female hip-hop artist category were Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Lola Munroe and Cymphonique (Master P's daughter). Not a mention of Trina.

I can't be mad at Trina for feeling snubbed, especially considering each of the nominee's sales and pop culture impact. Trina's 2010 album, "Amazin'," debuted No. 2 on the Rap Albums chart and has sold 98,000 copies to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan, while two singles charted on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs ("Million Dollar Girl," featuring Diddy and Keri Hilson, and "Always," featuring Monica). Trina also guested on two charting songs, including Jagged Edge's "Tip of My Tongue" and Keri Hilson's "Get Your Money Up."

Trina's gripe doesn't seem to be about which of her female MC peers were nominated -- in fact, she congratulated Diamond on her nod, writing, "Thanx doll and congrats!!! I'm really proud of you!" after Diamond gave her a shout-out and admitted confusion over the nominations ("I don't know what happened with [sic] the nominations.. But she raised all of US!") Instead, her issue seems to be more about the lack of recognition and respect for her achievements in 2010.

Even Nicki Minaj who is nominated for two BET Awards including the one in question, commented on Trina's absence from the ballot. "Looks @ nominations," she wrote. "Didn't know it was April Fools… *waits for Trina's name to appear before I take this seriously*" Either Barbz agrees Trina was snubbed, doesn't think she has competition, or both.

Of course, whether or not Trina is nominated is sort of besides the point, since Minaj is clearly the category's frontrunner. Her debut album "Pink Friday" has sold 1,369,000 copies since its release last November, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and since last year, Nicki has been featured on a whopping 19 charting singles.

What do you think about the BET Award nominations? Was Trina overlooked in the best female hip-hop artist category?