Nas Talks Common, Impact of Bob Marley and Asks, 'Where's Bush?'

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Nas has never been one to 'mums the word' on matters of politics and race. In the summer of 2008, Nas joined protestors, political groups (Color of Change and Move On) and fans outside of the controversial news outlet's, Fox News, NYC building to "protest the network's portrayal of African-Americans."

Nas Joins Protestors At Fox News in NYC

Nas isn't the only rapper who's gotten involved in controversy with Fox News. Fox News and Sean Hannity criticized Common and his artistry after Michelle Obama invited him to perform at the White House for an evening of poetry.

Common Attends White House Poetry Event Despite Right-Wing Criticism

When asked what he thought of the controversy surrounding Common, Nas didn't hesitate to speak his mind. "Politicians should be scared of poets. When you're dealing with something that's pure, [and] an artist like Common... he doesn't have a secret agenda. He doesn't have interior motives. He doesn't have any lies to tell. He's not angry [with] anybody there, particularly. He's not ignorant. And I just described politicians, right there. So when you have a poet there, they should be scared, they should be upset because they're exposed. Poets represent honesty, purity, intelligence, and truth."

In the second part of our two part interview, Nas sat down with's The Juice to speak more on the controversy surrounding Common, the impact of Bob Marley, and asks "where's Bush?"

Reporting by Gail Mitchell

Nas continues to speak on politics and former President, George Bush', "Where is Bush? We should see more George Bush, right now. He should be talking more. He should be standing next to Barack more. He should just be talking to the American people that he was once "leading." I don't hear anything. It's like someone who got away with something and doesn't want to show his face anymore. Or is it just that it's just no joke being a President and he needs a long vacation right now? He's staying away from cameras. But the bin Laden situation... I kind of would like to hear what he'd [Bush] have to say about it."

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