Odd Future's MellowHype To Release 'Blackenedwhite' on July 12
Odd Future's MellowHype To Release 'Blackenedwhite' on July 12

O dd Future rappers Hodgy Beats and Left Brain will release "Blackenedwhite," their first album as the duo MellowHype, on July 12 through Fat Possum.

The full-length was originally released for free on Odd Future's Tumblr last fall, before the hip-hop collective's cult following received mainstream attention. The new incarnation of the MellowHype album will feature new tracks, including the previously performed "64," as well as artwork (including the upside-down cross on the front cover) personally designed by the duo.

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"Blackenedwhite" will be the final Odd Future release before the group launches its own imprint, Odd Future Records, to house all of its future projects. Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator released sophomore album "Goblin" on XL Recordings last month.

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