Consequence Talks Beyonce, G.O.O.D. Music and New Music
Consequence Talks Beyonce, G.O.O.D. Music and New Music

Q-Tip was also an exectuve producer on "Cons TV"…
I don't want to talk about that. He's not relevant. I really want talk about the inception of "Party"... I have a clip that's on Youtube and on my channel, "Cons TV," and it says "You Win Some Session 2." If you look at that, you'll see that was the session where "Party" was made. You hear the beat for "Party" playing in the background for literally five seconds, and that was the session where I put the chorus on it. I suggested that I wanted to put the Slick Rick [sample] -- because it was my record -- that you hear on the Beyoncé record. Fast forward, Beyoncé cut the record. I went over to meet with Kanye. Beyoncé and Jay-Z come over, we all go upstairs and they say 'Hey, we have to thank Consequence for this.' And I'm like 'Okay, thank me for what?' So Beyoncé hooks up her computer and hits play and I hear the beat to "Party." So I hear the Slick Rick joint on it. Jay is like 'Yo,' he points to me when I'm doing the chorus. And this is the same night that we actually all four wrote Beyoncé's part for "See Me Now" [leaked Kanye West song, featuring Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson].

She paid me one of the greatest compliments. She said, 'That record inspired my album.' And it's not too many things that throw me for a loop or flabbergast me, but I was damn near blushing… that was like a magic moment for me. And to be here and saying that record is number one, it's verification.

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Would you work with the members of G.O.O.D Music in the future?
For what? I just worked with Beyoncé, I'm not going down. I'm not a trapeze artist.

Tell me about Band Camp Records.
It's just a great place to be for new artists. What I want to try to do with it is make it an incubator and a cultivation station for people to really get their sound developed and get to that peak where they are a part of monumental or magic moments. We have a lot of records coming via the Band Camp vehicle later on in the summer.

What has Kanye's reaction been to this?

The thing is that if I talk, I'm going to be vilified because he's not going to say anything and that's his right.

So if Kanye wanted to reach out to you, would he be able to?
I'm sure Bruce Wayne could figure out a way to find any villain that he wants to find in Gotham City. You know what he's probably doing? He's probably 'Watching the Throne.'

But as far as reconciliation…
I'm not married to nobody. I don't got to reconcile nothing. Ain't nobody my wife.

If they were to reach out…
Ask them.