Photos of the Year 2011
August 20: Machine Gun Kelly was arrested in a mall in Ohio after starting a flash mob in a mall.

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly, recently signed to Diddy's Bad Boy label, was arrested Saturday (Aug. 20) after organizing a flash mob that brought hundreds of screaming fans to Cleveland's South Park Mall. Watch the scene unfold below, in a video that chronicles the flash mob from entrance to arrest to prison release.

Video: Machine Gun Kelly arrested during flash mob in Cleveland, Ohio

It all started on Twitter, when Kelly tweeted to his 70,000-plus followers, "I'm thinking about doing a flash mob at a mall or something tomorrow lol cleveland should we do one while I'm home?" followed by a flurry of posts over the course of three hours, deciding the location and explaining what everyone would do.

Kelly tweeted, "No one move til you hear 'Cleveland' start, once it starts run to whatever table i'm at and Lets bust a mid-mall crowd surf and RAGE HARD!!!" and then "ok, see yall tomorrow. bring funny #powerRAGER disguises, i'll bring the camera, and don't move/talk till the song plays at 5pm in foodcourt" on Friday night.

The video shows Machine Gun Kelly shouting to his fans from a food court table. He is then pulled down and handcuffed by uniformed and plain-clothes police officers, who lead him away from the scene, as the rapper's fans continue to cheer and run throughout the suburban mall.

The flash mob was set for 5 p.m., and by 6:46 p.m., Machine Gun Kelly's management had posted on Twitter, letting fans know that "MGK and the boys" were in a holding cell and to look for an update soon, along with the hashtag #FreeMGK.

A tweet was posted announcing the group's release around 8 p.m., and soon after Kelly tweeted, "If havin fun with my fans and bringin the rage back to my hometown means I have to be arrested...then keep pullin the cuffs out #iwontstop."