Kanye West's Lost 'Hip-Hop Muppet Show': Watch Footage
Kanye West's Lost 'Hip-Hop Muppet Show': Watch Footage

Footage from Kanye West and Rhymefest's doomed 2008 live-action puppet show, "Alligator Boots," has surfaced. Similar to the Comedy Central show "Crank Yankers," the show was described by producers as a "hip-hop Muppet show." Just a warning, the clip has some NSFW moments.

The video shows about 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage of the failed pilot, which was never picked up by a network despite its star power. Originally shot for Comedy Central at Jim Henson Company studios in Los Angeles and co-produced by West, "Alligator Boots" was to feature puppets interacting with celebrities every week.

The pilot features Kim Kardashian dressed up as Princess Leia from "Star Wars" and quick cameos from Common and Pete Wentz. There're also puppets explicitly flirting with Kardashian, a baby puppet whacking Kanye repeatedly with a rattle, and a bizarre rapping puppet pig character named Pork Troy.

The behind the scenes clip clearly shows a lot of hard work was put into the planned series. Luckily, there's now something to show for it.

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