MTV O Music Awards to Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs
MTV O Music Awards to Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs

8. Chris Brown Feat. Tyga and Kevin McCall- "Ballin'"

"Look, BBC hat clean diamond snap hook/ Take a picture with it, like it's my last look/ Gold MacBook, cost $100,000 g's/ I don't give a f*ck with rats, I throw away the cheese"

9. Iyaz - "Replay"

"Shawty's like a melody in my head/ That I can't kep out, got me singin' like/ Na, na, na, na everyday/ It's like my iPod's stuck on replay, replay"

10. Kanye West feat. Swizz Beatz, Jay-Z, Pusha-T, CyHi The Prynce, RZA - "So Appalled"

CyHi: "I am so outrageous/ I wear my pride on my sleeve like a bracelet/ If God had a iPod, I'd be on his playlist/ My phrases amazing, the faces and places, the favorite"

11. Shawn Chrystopher - "Ashes On My MacBook"

"Blunt ashes on my MacBook"

12. Wiz Khalifa - "Ode to Naked Pop Stars"

"I don't know him, but whoever stole your Mac/ When I see him, I'mma pat him on the back... Like a nerd with no MacBook, look how pretty that lil' cat look"

13. Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne - "I Get Crazy"

"I just came out of the mother f*cken old school/ Got my Mac notebook with the Pro tools"

14. Swizz Beatz feat. Coldplay - "That Oprah"

"Bill Gates, Steve Jobs/ iPhones, Microsoft/ My paper is very long, your paper is very soft"

15. B.o.B - "Don't Let Me Fall"

"Now I'm in your house/ Now I"m in your stove/ Now I'm everywhere that your iPod go/ Everything I seen was a dream just a moment ago"

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