Video Premiere: Dominique Young Unique's 'Stupid Pretty'
Video Premiere: Dominique Young Unique's 'Stupid Pretty'

Dominique Young Unique has spent time making a name for herself overseas, from London to Iceland. Now, the Tampa, FL. native has her sight set on the U.S. with her self-described "club, techno, pop, hip-hop" style. She recently released her third mixtape, "Stupid Pretty," and's The Juice has your first look at the video for the title track.

"We were all around in London. We were on the train [and] in the store. We was just illin'," Dominique says of the video. Dominique came up with the title, "Stupid Pretty," when brainstorming with producer, David Alexander. "We just started throwing all these crazy pretty names," Dominique told The Juice. "I was like, 'No, 'Stupid Pretty.' He was like, 'Yeah, that's good, that's unique!' It's different, it's unique."

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