Drake Challenges Lil Wayne to Sound Clash

Drake and Lil Wayne show their support at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game at the Staples Center in LA on Sunday (Feb.20).

The release of Drake's sophomore album, "Take Care," on Tuesday (Nov. 15) is cause enough for celebration, but the rapper has mapped out how he'd really like to party, and it involves two DJs, Jamaica, and an on-stage clash with Lil Wayne. In an exclusive interview with Billboard in early October, he sketched his plan.

The Billboard Q&A

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"I don't want to just do an album release concert. So, me, I go to Jamaica a lot -- I love Jamaican culture -- so what I'm gonna do, I'm challenging Lil Wayne to a sound clash, that's what I want to do. I don't want to just perform by myself," he told us. "So I want Wayne to come out on stage with a mic and I'm gonna have a mic, and we're gonna have both our DJs, and we're gonna battle song-for-song and see who the people love more. And that's how it's gonna go."

Drake said the clash is "happening for sure," though the date is tentative.

"That's something that I'm serious about, he's serious about it too. I already issued the challenge," he said. "He's serious about it, he accepted like, "Man, I'm ready. I'm gonna eat your food." I'm like, "Aiight, we'll see."

The 25-year-old star is also serious about staying true to his character, signaling to us he wants his twenties to be spent doing only projects he truly believes in.

"Right now and for the next few years it's just to be young, to be hungry, to represent everything that I stand for to date and more. To stand firm on my character and who I am, and to keep providing people with great projects, great music, exciting moments."

And if that sound clash moment goes down and ends in the loss column for Wayne? "Maybe he'll want a rematch [laughs]. That's what usually happens. Maybe we'll have to rematch in another city."

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