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Will.i.am Blasts Off with 'T.H.E.' Video

Will.i.am Blasts Off with 'T.H.E.' Video

Will.i.am. is shooting for the stars with his video for "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)."

He premiered the video for the solo single on his Google+ page early Monday morning,

The J. Lo and Mick Jagger-assisted video features the rapper-producer on a vehicular adventure, upgrading from his feet to a fighter jet and finally a space shuttle, with a handful of rides in between. The video concludes with the Rolling Stones frontman singing in space as Will.i.am rockets toward him.

"This next journey is not going to be easy," Will.i.am wrote along with the video post. "The black eyed peas was so successful...beyond what I initially dreamed of...but just because the black eyed peas was a success it doesn't mean I'm going to be successful as a solo act...(This is know)...that is why I titled this 1st single (the hardest ever)...because the journey is hard...and I will do it alone...this video is about my new mission and obstacles."

His next solo album, "#willpower," is expected in 2012 as the Black Eyed Peas take a hiatus.

Watch Will.i.am's "T.H.E." video on his Google+ page.