Mystikal to Release 'Original' Album in June


Twelve years after releasing his sixth studio album, "Tarantula" (2001), Mystikal is back in the studio recording. The rapper is currently working on his forthcoming album, "Original," expected to debut in June.

"The sound that’s prominent on the radio, and on hit records now, all that sound the same. I don’t want all my hits to sound like that," Mystikal told Rolling Stone. "I’m writing songs to perform, to entertain and when I’m really trying to get inspired, I go backwards and I just rap."

"Original" will feature Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Future, and Busta Rhymes.The album will also feature live instrumentation from Trombone Shorty and the Stooges Brass Band.  "You eat a TV dinner, five minutes, you are going to shit it back out. A home-cooked meal, it’s going to stick to you. And that’s the difference between real instruments and shit just playing out the keyboard," he continued.

Mystikal has ran into some legal trouble since signing to Cash Money in December 2011. He served 81 days in jail for a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery. Since being released from jail in August 2012, Mystikal has been in the lab. "We've been fuckin' getting it," he said. "It's the difference being the age I am now as opposed to a few years ago. The opportunities are so vast and the machine is primed and running. All you have to do is put me in front of the people and put the beat in front of me, and the rest is history."