Game Talks 'Jesus Piece': Video Track-By-Track

Game Talks 'Jesus Piece': Video Track-By-Track

Two months before his deadline, Game decided to scrap his fifth studio album -- then titled, "F.I.V.E." and laced with a year worth of material -- and start fresh.

" Trey Songz came out with his album, called 'Chapter V,' and I feel like he was stealing from me cause everybody knew my album was 'F.I.V.E.,'" Game told Billboard. "I changed the name to 'Jesus Piece' because one song that I had on 'F.I.V.E.,' was called 'Jesus Piece,' and that was the only song I needed if I was going to change the album to 'Jesus Piece.' That was the perfect song."

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After Game decided to trash the old material and start new, he locked himself in the studio and worked up an entire new album in 60 days. "After that I only had two months to finish the album because I had already been working on 'F.I.V.E.' for almost a year. I had deadlines to meet but I wanted to scrap the old album and start fresh. So in 60 days I had to really create what is now, 'Jesus Piece.' People -- Rick Ross and [Lil] Wayne -- that were on songs on the old album had to re-do verses to fit the concepts. But everybody got with it."

The 13-track full-length features guest appearances by a handful of our favorite rappers and singers including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and more. Watch the video track-by-track to find out how each album cut and collaboration came to be, including the rapper's R&B/Hip-Hop top 30 track, "Celebration."

"Last song of the album, because after a great album there should be a celebration," Game said of the song. "Getting Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and WIz Khalifa on one record is not cheap. After you get 'em on the record, it's a million dollar record and after you get them on the record, to get them on to a video on one day in LA when everybody is rolling around touring and doing their thing was hard too. But we were able to accomplish it, half of the reason is because I have a good rapport with all of those guys."